Sterilisation Rooms

Arc Interior Solutions, Managing Director Kevin Smith has been directly involved in the, supply, design and installation of sterilisation rooms since introduction of HTM01-05 and has vast experience within construction industry.  Arc has secured approved contractor status within major dental groups and we undertake an abundance of contracts catering primarily to this sector.

Our sterilisation rooms include:

Top quality, hand build cabinetry with heat sealed doors, a wide range of colours and all of the fixtures and fittings to suit decontamination requirements.
Completely seam free, purpose made, solid surface worktops with integral sinks.
A positive to negative airflow system, exceeding 12 total air changes per hour.
A dedicated sterilisation room electrical supply, to moderate the high power demands of the necessary equipment used within the sterilisation process.
Surface mounted dado trunking to allow for future equipment changes, and upgrades.
Decoration with Dulux Steri-shield paint to walls and ceiling.
Alternative wall finishes include Altro Whiterock Hygenic Cladding.
Individual waste water systems for autoclaves etc.
Fully sealed, capped and coved vinyl safety flooring in a wide range of colours and textures.

In addition, Arc Interior Solutions’ own hot waste water pumping system specifically devised to cope with the extreme temperatures produced by the Washer Disinfectors (upwards of 95 degrees celsius).

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